Glendale’s Top Tips July 2017

With summer here I am sure everyone is looking to ensure their home safe from intruders whilst you are enjoying your holidays. Here is some of our top tips to secure your property this summer holidays!

Put your post on hold:

A large pile of post behind your front door can be a tell tale sign to a potential intruder that your home is currently unoccupied. Give a key to a trusted relative or friend to keep your mail safe until your return, Alternatively, you can sign up to Royal Mails Keep Safe service.

Pile of Mail Glendale.PNG

Don’t broadcast your holiday to the world:

It can be very tempting to do a holiday check in post, but on the odd occasion, Intruder’s can see this as an open invitation to your home. If this is easier said than done, ensure that your profile is not on public, nor that you specify how long your away for. Read more about homes being targeted here.

Holiday Check In Annon 001 Glendale

Home sitting in complete silence & darkness:

Another giveaway sign, is a home with no noise or lights on. If you don’t have anyone to keep an eye on your property whilst you are away, invest in some WiFi-enabled light bulbs or self timer switches to turn on lamps and radios when no one is available at home. This will give the illusion that someone is at home at all times.

Lights On Glendale.PNG

If you have an alarm system, Turn it on!:

It’s important that if you have a security system installed in your property that you ensure your alarm system is set prior to leaving the house. If you have any issues with setting your system or faults prior to going away, please ensure you have contacted your security provider to check this over – the last thing you want is a call in regards to a false activation or your alarm not setting correctly! If you do not have a system and wish for to be installed, or if your current system needs repaired, learn more here.

Doyle install (Bell Box) Nathan






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