Latest Technologies July 2017

Looking to secure your home with the latest technologies? Wireless fire systems are the way forward this July!

FireCell Glendale 001

At Glendale Securities we are happy to announce that we now supply, install and maintain the latest in fire alarm systems – Wireless. Wireless systems work just like the conventional hard-wired fire alarm systems, however, are Wire-free. Our systems are designed with you in mind, No job is too big or too small, and is suitable for both commercial and domestic use. We proudly do not just install our Wireless alarms, we also are able to provide maintenance for your system – with guaranteed fire brigade response optional.

​Our new Wireless systems can be composed of many detectors, and can ensure that you home or work will be safe from any nasty accidents. With our brand new Wireless systems, they can be integrated with other wireless systems, providing safety and security to your home or work.

Fire Glendale.PNG

We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest technologies, and ensure that our engineers are experts in the field prior to installs. Glendale prides ourselves on our outstanding customer service and overall customer satisfaction comes first.

Want to know more? contact our expert team on 0800 318 083.

Learn more about pro’s and con’s of wireless fire systems here.


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