Glendale’s Logo Evolution – September 2017

The Glendale office staff have been doing an office clean over the last few weeks, and found some great insights into the history of the company!

A family run business since 1990, Glendale Securities provides our domestic and commercial customers across Scotland with piece of mind that their home is safe and secure at all times.

Although the owner of the company has not changed, our logo has varied slightly over the years:

Glendale Logo
One of Glendale’s first logos!

We found the above logo on the top of a very old – older than some of our staff members – document!

Old Advert - Glendale ARC.PNG
Glendale ARC Monitoring logo

Throughout the years our vast range of security products and services has expanded. We began to offer (and still do!) police and ARC monitoring. This ensures that in the event of a break in, yourself or the police will be notified. Our monitoring services remain very popular to this day.

Present day Glendale Logo

Our logo today still features our hills and can be found on all bell boxes of our latest installs and upgrades!

Doyle install (Bell Box) Nathan
Glendale bell box installed to the rear of a property

Not only do our bell boxes carry our latest logo, all our vans have it clearly displayed too! If you see our Glendale logo – old or new – email your photos to, We would love to see them!


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